Kimberly Huynh

I have a background in insurance and finance, with some entrepreneurship thrown in for good measure. My passion is building beautiful and functional things that are useful to many people!

It's why I got into web design and fillable form creation. It's also why I play Minecraft on survival mode only.

What I Do

Web Design

I use WordPress to build websites, mainly for small businesses.


Run your organization; register/incorporate, structure board roles/bylaws, and host ongoing meetings to ensure actionables are set and achieved.

Speaking & Facilitation

I have delivered several 1-2+ long trainings and presentations (including preparation of slideshow).

Information & Change Management

I have done change management mainly in the context of ensuring no pieces of information are lost in large changes of data structure (eg. changing site resources layout).


(780) 680-7985

Freelance Available

How Can I Help You?