Toiletry Bag

I’m the kind of person that buys 6 hair brushes, leaves them wherever I think I’ll suddenly realize I need one, and can only find 2 when the month is out.

OK, maybe I’ve changed a bit since my teenage years, but still – keeping track of your own personal effects in a house of 6-7 people is a nightmare. Like, people using each others toothbrushes and deodorant nightmare.  This barely-functional system changed for me when my boyfriend came into my life; he’s from a smaller family and was always used to things having their place (and their owner).

He has a toiletry bag! An alien concept for me. Lazy as I am, I couldn’t imagine having to keep track of yet another bag, and take it with me whenever I needed to brush my teeth or hair. BUT, as roommates moved in, and we moved from home to home, I figured “what the heck, I’ll do it. Just to centralize my toiletries”.

I’m never going back. It is simply the easiest most convenient thing, ever. Simple, easy, convenient – I like all these things. Don’t you? Now if I travel, I just grab the toiletry bag and go. Same thing if I move to a new house. And if you live with tons of roommates, all YOUR stuff is in one place that you can easily store in a bedroom, take to the bathroom as needed, and take back with you when you’re done. Genius.

The bag I bought is a red hanging travel toiletry bag, roughly $20. I’ve seen the same bag with many companies’ names on it – just get whatever works. I personally don’t have many cosmetics other than some nail polish, so a bag for basics works for me. You may want a bigger or smaller one, depending on your needs and what your needs are.

Find a bag, obtain the bag, and then go through the checklist below to make sure you’ve filled it with all the things you’ll need!

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