The Borderless Account

So my partner is from Australia, but moved to Canada to be with me. My sister’s boyfriend is in the US and so is one of my aunts. Overall currency conversation has played a role in my life and I can’t say it’s been a pleasant one.

Banking across countries is a mess, and I can’t wait until it gets easier – except it’s already on its way to being easier, I found out. Essentially I was digging around online and found Transferwise. They offer what they call ‘borderless accounts‘ – you can hold several different currencies and exchange easily between them within their platform. PLUS the exchange rates are better than what other traditional exchange avenues can offer, with clearer fee structures.

In the UK you can have a debit card that lets you use your accounts in all the different countries you live and play in – a feature I’ve signed up to be told when it’s available in Canada. Overall I recommend it, so if this is something that’s been a pain in your side, check them out!

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