My name is Kim, and this is my spot for all the things that have helped me get organized in life. I hope they can help you get organized, too! I’m a pretty lazy person so I know these ideas should work for most people. 😛

A couple things. First, I use a system to describe the level of “furnishing” different aspects of your life require. It is as follows:

Level 1: Basic
Level 2: Full
Level 3: Pro

These levels apply to things like when you want to restock your kitchen, and you’re trying to figure out what dishes and utensils to buy. For example, a basic set of cutting knives is a level 1 item. A nice set of knives with a block and sharpener is a level 2 item. A set of japanese knives that cost $100 each per knife is a level 3 item. The level of things you acquire for the different aspects of your life (whether it’s your kitchen, bedroom, or your hobbies) entirely depends on how much that part of your life is worth to you! (Some people don’t spend much time in their kitchen. *shrug)

I’d also like to share with you a strategy for cleaning, changing, and otherwise renovating your life, no matter what it is:

  1. Define your goals.
  2. Take stock of where you are.
  3. Make and choose a plan for change.
  4. Enact your plan!

Some of the most useful things I did with my own family, and once I moved out, was to completely redo things. I’m talking a purge; selling 50% of the stuff in the basement, repainting the walls, buying a new cookware set that made me hate cooking dinner a little bit less. But this simple process applies to so much more than just the rooms in your house, and I’m sure you’ll see it a lot more as you read about tips and tricks to enjoy your life more and more in the simple ways that make a big difference.

Wishing you all the best,